Dry Canning versus Dry Packing Podcast

Dry Canning versus Dry Packing Podcast

In this episode, Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, debunks the well intended but misrepresented information circulating the internet regarding dry packing food in jars. She shares with listeners how the commonly used method of jar packing is accomplished and addresses where the confusion is coming from regarding the misconception it is dry canning.

In this informative episode, The Canning Diva addresses the confusion due to the comingling of canning terminology, and sheds light on the unsafe practice of dry canning using an oven. As listeners learn how dry packing is not dry canning, Diane shares the failed history of dry oven canning and helps canners understand the real meaning of dry and wet heat, and which is used to safely preserve food in jars for long-term storage.

Tune in and learn more about the type of glass used to create canning jars and how to safely dry pack and process food in jars to fill your pantry shelves year after year.

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