Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, is an internationally known food preservation expert with over 30 years experience in home canning and food preservation. She has successfully educated individuals in a variety of food preservation methods for over 10 years.

Educated in culinary math, foodborne pathogens and food safety from the SECCHIA Institute of Culinary Education, Diane has successfully taught the art and craft of home canning across the globe, empowering individuals and removing fear. She regularly creates new canning recipes and techniques which are tested by an independent US-based laboratory.

A well-known recipe creator and best-selling author, Diane has published four cookbooks with a combined sales of over 300,000 copies. Her fifth works, The Canning Diva® Presents Meals in a Jar; The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Canning Ready-Made Meals, will launch August 6, 2024. Her podcast, Canning with The Diva!™ is ranked Top 100 on Buzzsprout with over 87,000 downloads and growing.

Who is Diane Devereaux?

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, is a Michigan native who has lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for more than a decade. As a teen, she enjoyed raising hogs and beef cattle in northern Michigan all the while enjoying the splendors of being a part of her high school cheerleading squad and cross country team.
Diane started home canning in her thirteenth summer alongside family and friends. She immediately grew a passion for the art and started her own garden at the mere age of fifteen. It was at this young age she learned the many benefits of natural pest control; crop rotation and healthy soil factors; heirloom seed production and collection; healthy meal creation and, of course, preserving her garden’s beautiful bounty.

She received her Bachelor Degree in International Business from Davenport University and has spent many years developing her talent for business. During this time Diane experienced a rewarding career in disaster management which gave her the ability to utilize her skills in food preservation, survival and sustainability. Her tenure in home canning combined with her background in disaster management led her to create The Canning Diva® where she is free to blend her passion for gardening and preserving with her knowledge of preparedness and self-reliance.

Diane is an avid supporter of non-GMO seeds and advocates the growth of crops without chemicals, pesticides and genetic manipulation. She is a firm believer in consumers having the right to know the contents of what they ingest and is a proud supporter of honest and forthright labeling of all foods. It is because of this belief she chooses to home can throughout the year, stacking the cards in her favor, to provide a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Diane has made it her goal to teach these time-honored traditions throughout West Michigan at various culinary schools and commercial kitchens. She hosts a weekly radio show on The Survival Mom Radio Network sharing her knowledge of home canning, preserving and disaster preparedness. Diane is also a host on AroundtheCabin.com allowing viewers a venue to learn and interact via live chat.

The Canning Diva® has been featured in various magazines such as Flavor616, Women’s Lifestyle, West Michigan Woman and Natural Awakenings and has made several TV appearances on WZZM Channel 13 Healthy You, WOODTV8 Eight West, WZZM Take Five & Company and FOX17 News demonstrating home canning techniques and signature recipes.

Diane is also an fervid writer who spends her free time developing a work of woman’s fiction in which she hopes to one day be published.

The Canning Diva® is proud to announce her first self-published cookbook, Canning Full Circle: Garden to Jar to Table, won the 2018 IPPY Bronze Medal in the Cookbook – Nutrition/Vegetarian category.

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The Independent Publisher Book Awards (the “IPPYs”) are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published titles published each year. The awards are open to all members of the independent publishing industry, and to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books intended for an English-speaking market.

Since the inaugural contest in 1996, nearly 5,000 books have received IPPY Awards, along with the recognition, credibility, and increased sales that a book award can bring. Independent spirit and expertise comes from publishers of all sizes and budgets, and books are judged with that in mind.

There are 410 total medalists who represent independently authored books from 41 U.S. states plus Guam and District of Columbia; 6 Canadian provinces; and 12 countries overseas.