Facility Kitchens

To all you veteran canners who want to production can high quantities of home-canned foods, The Canning Diva has partnered with Facility Kitchen allowing you to can until your heart’s content! Reserve your space today!

The Fit Pit Yoga

Get in shape with The Fit Pit – Diva style! The Canning Diva incorporates healthy eating with exercise and strength training. Find your inner Diva here

Around the Cabin

Self-sufficiency through education! The Canning Diva is excited to interact with so many of you across the nation and around the world during her LIVE shows! Watch Canning with the Diva at Around the Cabin on scheduled dates and have your questions answered during the show via the chat-room.

Hooper Printing

Reliant, fast and quality printing is what you can expect from Hooper Printing in Lowell, Michigan! The Canning Diva is proud to use Hooper for all of her marketing and promotional items. Diva Approved!

Green Frog Photo

Jeff Hage, proprietor at Green Frog Photo, is the food photographer for The Canning Diva’s many recipes and is most noted for his work on the IPPY Award winning cookbook, Canning Full Circle: Garden to Jar to Table.  Green Frog Photo is also our videographer and partner in various projects. We recommend Green Frog for high-quality food photography and video.