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Raw Stacking Canning Method

For centuries, home canning has been a way of life for much of society. In the last 40 years, we have seen advancements in technology and enhanced safety practices. The beauty of such advancements many of us recipe creators have also safely advancement canning techniques. The Raw Stacking Method is…
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Glossary of Canning & Culinary Terms

Home Canning and preserving is very rewarding, but for those of you new to the science and math, canning can be quite daunting and often times challenging. Understanding the many terms used to describe various ingredients, techniques and methodologies are the building blocks for a successful and safe canning experience.…
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The History of Home Canning

Home canning has been used as a safe means of food preservation for centuries Many may not know this, but home canning as a way of food preservation dates back to the Napoleon War era starting in 1803.  In a nutshell, Napoleon was losing the war on the front line…
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