Understanding Botulism When Home Canning

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Understanding Botulism When Home Canning

While the Internet and social media are wonderful tools we all use in our everyday lives, they  also give many the platform to share misinformation and create a stressful environment filled with contempt. I am sure we have all experienced this stress at one time or another, especially in canning groups administrated by uneducated amateurs who proclaim to be experts. There is nothing worse than a keyboard warrior in a canning group who possesses limited knowledge of the bacterium, wielding scare-tactics and fear in an effort to prevent canners from enjoying the time-honored craft of home canning and preserving. 

In this episode, The Canning Diva®  ends the misguided fear of contracting botulism while home canning. Learn what botulism is, how to kill it, and what you can do to stay safe when home canning and preserving food in your kitchen.

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