Canning-Diva-Merry-Christmas-FINALIf you follow me using social media, then you had fun seeing all my daily posts for The 12 Days of Canning!  I had a wonderful time this month sharing tips, tricks, recipes and more.  So you have all of these fun items in one location, here are the 12 Days of Canning in Review…

canning 6pc utensil setOn the First day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…   A 6pc Canning Essentials Kit.  Feel confident knowing you have the necessary tools to succeed in all of your canning adventures!

On the Second day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…   A Canning 101 Safety Tip.  Know how to tell if your lid has sealed by pressing the center of the lid with your finger.  If it stays concaved, your lid has sealed.  If it “pops” up and down, it is2013-12-13 16.26.00 unsealed and will need to be reprocessed or refrigerated.

On the Third day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…  A fun way to personalize your homemade Gifts.  Purchase a custom embosser and metallic seals to give your gifts a special, personalized touch.  Showcase your homemade 2013-12-13 10.27.31culinary gifts “From Your Kitchen” or emboss with holiday delight!

On the Fourth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…   A Canning 101 Basics Tip.  What is headspace?  The unfilled space above the food in a jar and below its lid is termed headspace. This space is needed for expansion of food as jars are processed, and for forming vacuums in cooled jars.  The extent of expansionheadspace is determined by the air content in the food and by the processing temperature. Follow your recipe’s instructions for headspace to avoid lid failures.

On the Fifth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…    A fun way to use mason jars in your holiday décor.  Here is a fun, inexpensive way to spruce up your holiday tabletop.  2013-12-16 12.24.01Ribbon, colored rocks, a glue gun and some votive candles give these wide mouth mason jars a touch of class.  Best part, when the season is over, the glue pops right off allowing you to reuse the jar for spring canning.

On the Sixth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me….  A way to save money on Christmas presents for your favorite home canner!  Shop at and experience the savings! 2013-11-25 14.21.03 compressed

On the Seventh day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…  A perfect gift for Dad this Christmas!  This professional meat injector is the perfect gift for your special someone who loves flavor injecting the main 777Handcourse with scrumptious marinades and sauces.  Save up to 45% off this professional culinary tool – the sale is still on!

On the Eighth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…  A Canning 101 Basics Tip.  Raw Pack versus Hot Pack – What is the difference?  Raw-packing is the practice of filling jars tightly with freshly prepared, but unheated food. Hot-packing is the practice of heating freshly prepared food to boiling, simmering it 2 to 5 minutes, and promptly filling jars loosely with the boiled food.

hot pack raw packHot-packing is the best way to remove air from food tissues, pre-shrink the food keeping it from floating in the jars allowing you to fill more food in each jar, increases the vacuum seal and improves shelf life.   Follow the recipes instructions to know which method is required.

On the Ninth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…   A Canning Organizational Tip.  It is a blessing to be able to reuse our canning rings, but where to store them?  2013-07-08 15.25.14Unwind a wire hanger at the hook base and sting your rings up to air dry preventing them from rusting.  Hang in an inconspicuous location until they are needed while canning.

On the Tenth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…  A Canning 101 Basics Tip.  The last, and most important, step in canning prior to processing your jars is to properly wipe the rim.  Dip a warm wash cloth in vinegar and thoroughly wipe the rim, being sure to get slightly inside the jar.  Vinegar cuts through 2013-12-19 20.07.18grease, sugar and salt residue and naturally kills bacteria working as your last line of defense before processing and storing your home canned goods long-term.

On the Eleventh day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…  A Seasonal Guide to Home Canning & Preservation.  The Canning Diva has worked hard all year to provide seasonal recipes and growing tips now in one handy location.  Downloadable on January 1st and only $3.99 untile-book cover December 31, 2013.  This 100-page guide is the perfect prelude to The Diva’s Canning Cookbook hitting bookstores Spring 2014.  Pre-order this wonderful guide and its delicious recipes Here.

On the Twelfth day of Canning, The Diva gave to me…   A warm Merry Christmas Greeting from My Home to Yours!  Thank you for a wonderful year filled with blessings and inspiration.  Your love, interaction and support have meant the world to me!  Many Blessings this Christmas and into the New Year!  Stay tuned, 2014 is going to be Awesome!!  From the Garden to the Jar™ everyone~

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