This marmalade is my mom’s favorite! There are many orange varieties grown across the world. Have fun creating new flavors and colors of marmalade based on the type of orange you select. A blood orange will deepen the color of the marmalade giving it a beautiful shade of red and will even sweeten its flavor. A Seville orange will gel well with the added sugar for wonderful balance of sweet and tart.

I often use navel oranges because I make marmalade in the winter months when these oranges are plentiful in Michigan. With over 400 orange varieties in the world, I am positive you will find one or more to suite your taste buds. Need some help choosing an orange? The Modern Farmer created a fun guide on some of the more common options. PureWow did a nice job sharing the differing flavors of 10 types of oranges helping you select an orange specific to the flavor you’d like to produce in your marmalade.

Orange Marmalade Canning Recipe

makes approx. 6 half-pints or 3 pints


  • 6 unpeeled medium oranges, halved and seeded
  • 1 unpeeled lemon, halved and seeded
  • 6 cups sugar


  1. Use a food processor, or mandolin, to finely slice or chop the oranges and lemon. If using a food processor, work in batches and pulse to avoid pureeing the citrus. If using a mandolin, use the thinnest slice blade and capture the slices and all their juices by slicing over a large bowl.
  2. In a large heavy-bottomed stockpot, combine the orange/lemon slices and the sugar. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat stirring constantly for 10 minutes, or until the mixture begins to thicken and stick to the spoon. Remove from heat. Skim off any foam and discard.
  3. Using a funnel, hot pack marmalade into hot jars, leaving a 1/4-inch headspace. Remove any air pockets and add additional marmalade if necessary to maintain the 1/4-inch headspace.
  4. Wipe each jar rim with a washcloth dipped in vinegar. Place a lid and ring on each jar and hand tighten.
  5. Place the jars in the water bather, ensuring each jar is covered by at least one inch of water. Bring canner to boil and process half-pints and pints for 10 minutes. Be sure not to start your timer until the water is at a full rolling boil.
  6. After timer is done, shut off burner and remove the canner lid. Let jars rest for 5 minutes before removing them to cool.

Happy Canning!
Diane, The Canning Diva®

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