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Berries-n-Lime2013-06-06 09.45.43





Feel free to mix the berries right in a glass, add water, garnish with mint and serve.

Blackberry Italiano2013-06-06 09.46.14

Blackberries – ½ pint

Lemon – 1 sliced

Rosemary – 1 Sprig

Place inside the infuser and insert into the drink maker pitcher.  Fill with 2 quarts of water and let sit for 2 – 4 hours in the refrigerator allowing the water to infuse with flavor.  Serve with a lemon garnish or spring of rosemary.

Citrus Watermelon2013-06-06 09.46.27

Grapefruit – 3 sliced

Watermelon – half of medium watermelon, cubed

Lemon – 2 sliced

½ tsp Agave Sweetener

Place the fruit into the 3-gallon beverage dispenser and fill with water.  Add Agave Sweetener and stir.  Add ice to keep the mixture cold while fruit infuses into the water.  When filling glasses, have a dish of lemon or grapefruit pieces sitting nearby to garnish each glass prior to serving.  You may also dip the rim of the glass in raw sugar to replace the use of Agave sweetener.


A refreshing drink to stay hydrated and receive a healthy dose of Vitamin C to rid your body of toxins!2013-06-06 09.45.30

Lemons – 2 sliced

6 to 8 mint leaves

½ cucumber – sliced

Lime – 2 sliced

3 Quarts of Water

Using 3 quart-sized mason jar, distribute the ingredients equally.  Fill with water to the bottom of the jar rings.  Use a lid and ring or a refrigerator cap to seal contents.  Place in refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours before drinking.  Drink all 3 quarts throughout the day and eat a healthy dinner.

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