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I often get asked, “how do you use all the stuff you can?”  Well, it’s easy!  Here is a fun example of what I intend to serve this 4th of July!

1.  Dilly Beans – I always put 2 pint jars in the refrigerator prior to any BBQ or outdoor activity.  When guests arrive, I give them an ice cold beer in one hand and set out a glass dish of dilly beans for the other.  This pickled treat tastes awesome on a hot summer day…but if you aren’t a fan of beans, then you’ll love the next one…

2.  Pickled Asparagus – Same concept as above, but with a touch of heat!  I always add a few tablespoons of crushed red pepper!  Zing! Zang!!!

3.  Strawberry Salsa – One of my favorite summer time appetizers is Strawberry Salsa over a Brick of Cream Cheese.  Eat this yummy dish with tortilla chips!
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4.  Blueberry Applesauce – A delicious and refreshing side dish!  If you’re serving bratwursts or pork chops on the grill, then this side is sure to delight!  If you’re traveling to a 4th of July BBQ, place your quart-sized jar in the refrigerator, then transport in a cooler.  The colder, the better!

5.  Jam?  Yes, Orange Marmalade – Nothing screams SUMMER more than ICE CREAM!  Dress up your vanilla ice cream with a dapple of canned Orange Marmalade.

6.  Raw Sauerkraut – Speaking of Bratwursts, compliment this all-time favorite with canned raw sauerkraut.  Empty your jar of kraut into a stainless steel colander, rinse well.  Heat in a skillet or crock pot.  Get creative by adding diced onions, garlic, and olive oil to give it a robust flavor.  Grab a bun, a Bratwurst, stack a pile of cooked sauerkraut on top and add a touch of mustard…and Viola!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

The Canning Diva~

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