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New cookbook releases May 1 as the first complete canning guide from garden to jar to table

Grand Rapids, Mich. (April 10, 2017) – On May 1, nationally-syndicated food preservation expert Diane Devereaux will release the first comprehensive guide to home canning with her latest book, Canning Full Circle: From Garden to Jar to Table.

Canning Full Circle cookbook bridges the generational gap of traditional canning methods to today’s time-starved, over-extended families. Known as The Canning Diva® to her fans, Devereaux demonstrates just how easy, fun and rewarding home canning can be and answers the long-awaited question of what to do with canned goods after they’re sealed and shelved for later use.

“I decided to write a cookbook, because I myself struggled to findthe canning diva canning full circle cookbook ways in which to connect the canning recipe to the how-to-use recipe,” says Devereaux.  “Most canning cookbooks focus strictly on the canning recipe, but they forget about the eating enjoyment.  Canning Full Circle takes you from the garden to the jar to the table.”  

The Definitive Resource for Canners

With over 100 fully illustrated recipes, this revolutionary cookbook is the first comprehensive guide to canning. A road map for all skill levels, Canning Full Circle takes readers through the complete process of preserving fresh produce to the meals you can create. 

The relatable and resourceful Diane Devereaux inspires and educates with her approachable advice, helpful tips and home-tested recipes. Learn the essentials of a well-stock pantry all year ‘round and how to easily incorporate home-canned goods into everyday life – not just during canning season.

Releasing May 1, 2016

Canning Full Circle by Diane Devereaux is available in select bookstores and online at Pre-ordered copies are signed by the author.  

About The Canning Diva®

Upcoming indie author Diane Devereaux is The Canning Diva®, a nationally syndicated food preservation expert, radio host, television presenter, culinary instructor and mother of two. For over five years, Devereaux has been sharing her lifetime passion of canning and translating it to the lives of busy families across America.

The Canning Diva® has made several TV appearances on WZZM Channel 13 Healthy You, WOODTV8 Eight West, WZZM Take Five & Company and FOX17 News to demonstrating home canning techniques and signature recipes. She’s also host of The Survival Mom Radio Network.



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