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I AM SUPER EXCITED TO SHARE my latest book, Meals in a Jar, is ready for pre-order!

You all spoke, and I listened…

For years since the launch of my cookbook, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, I have been asked to create and test more meals in a jar canning recipes. Home canners have been seeking ways to preserve hearty sustenance whether planning for a disaster, ensuring food security, or to simplify the daunting task of daily cooking. So I did it – I created the ultimate guide to pressure canning ready-made meals you may preserve in a jar for long-term storage.

Meals in a Jar book is a practical and safe guide to preserving ready-made, shelf-stable meals for long-term storage.

Expand your palette while filling your pantry with pressure canning recipes from across the globe. From the Mediterranean Sea to the bayous in southern Louisiana, Meals in a Jar dives deeper into the science and math of pressure canning low acid foods. The ultimate cookbook with over 100 delicious canning recipes you and your family will love!

Discover new favorites as you savor flavors from around the world. More than just a collection of soups and stews, The Canning Diva’s Meals in a Jar book features pressure canning recipes from a variety of international cuisines.

Haven’t ordered your copy of The Canning Diva Presents Meals in a Jar book yet? Not to worry.

Click the link of your favorite retailer below or do a simple Google search and order your copy today! Just be sure to come right back to this page so you may enter your order information to receive access to your downloadable jar labels.

Diane, The Canning Diva®

Preorder and enjoy even more meals in a jar

When you preorder your copy of The Canning Diva® Presents Meals in a Jar book, you’ll receive a full set of downloadable label templates, a 12-label sheet for every recipe. These beautiful labels are designed to help you enjoy your newly stocked, and well-organized, pantry.

Claim your free download today by preordering your copy and filling out the form below.


Act now – offer ends 8/5/2024.

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Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, is an internationally known preservation expert, author, television presenter, and instructor. For over a decade, Diane has been sharing her passion for canning and food preservation with families across the globe. Her books include both versions of Canning Full Circle, The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning, and Beginner’s Guide to Canning. Diane is the mother of two children and a lifelong resident of Michigan.