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Hey everyone!  I sure hope you missed me and all of my fellow radio hosts over at The Survival Mom Radio Network!  After an almost three week hiatus our shows are back online for everyone to enjoy – and with a new look to the website ‘ta boot!

I wanted to be sure you knew we were back online and to share with you some of the tidbit from my radio show here.  I encourage you to tune into one of my latest shows, self sufficiency through food preservationSelf Sufficiency through Food Preservation, where I explore other methods of preservation and food storage.

Click Here to Listen to Self Sufficiency through Food Preservation

Here is a brief snip-it of pertinent information described in my show.  To hear the full show and learn my many tips, tricks and techniques to being self-sufficient in the face of an emergency, be sure to catch my show.

It is imperative to have a well rounded supply of food on hand to be prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster.  Dry goods are often considered staples yet many have a limited shelf-life so take note of any expiration or use by dates to keep your supplies in edible condition.

Dry Good Staples

  1. Powdered Milk
  2. Dried Corn
  3. Dried Beans
  4. Salt
  5. Rice
  6. Flour

The best way to store dried good are in air-tight containers!  It is also key to store these items using methods to keep pests and moisture at bay.  Proper dating and rotating your inventory are essential when preparing an emergency food source.  My podcast gives you many tips to keeping your food safe for the long-term!

Thank you again for missing me and sending fun notes inquiring when my show would be back on the network.  We are all happy to be back~

Chicken Tortilla SoupBe sure to listen in and learn how to make my delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup.  This show aired last week and gives a YUMMY description of how to make this hearty soup and preserve it to enjoy later in the year.


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