chicken soupI know I do quite a bit of writing about various foods, canning recipes and techniques and love sharing my thoughts on gardening and seed collecting, but I wanted to change things up a bit!  I wanted you to HEAR me!

In this post, I share with you a few links including my weekly radio show on The Survival Mom Radio Network.  We have a fantastic variety of all-female hosts who share their art, skills and talents with listeners!  I encourage you to listen-in and to possibly sign-up for one of their newsletters…or two.

Here is the info for my latest radio show:

Tune into The Canning Diva's Radio Show where she breaks down the basics in this informative show on home canning.  Learn how and why home canners are able to preserve food long-term and how understanding pH, time and temperature play such a vital role in safe home food preservation.  Click Here to Listen Now


Stick with me as I have several fun new development launching this January!  I have recently joined Around the Cabin – a team of talented and informative hosts who share their love and skills for all things self sustaining!

Their shows and blog posts are geared towards helping viewers become self reliant in the face of adversity and disaster.  I am excited to be a part of this live show where viewers can interact with me while I am airing my show.  Even better, Around the Cabin will soon be available on Roku, Google Chrome and Comcast!  How cool is that!!??  I will be sure to post when my shows are scheduled to air so you may join in on the fun!

Thank you for tuning into my radio show – I look forward to sending you another show in the future!  Happy  Canning~

The Canning Diva

Photo Courtesy:  SP Photoart