Ever have a recipe call for perfectly whole garlic clove?  Me neither – I typically smash them with the side of my knife, remove the skins and away I go…   Well, that was until I wanted to home-can Pickled Garlic Cloves.  Because each clove is a gorgeous representation of this recipe, and a mason jar is its window, each clove had to look in cold water removing from boiling croppedsuperb!  So what do you do?  Blanch ’em!

Tip:  Remove the garlic from the base of the bulb so that each skinned clove is separated.  With skins on, blanch the cloves in boiling water for 1 minute being sure to stir so each clove is thoroughly wet.  Remove the cloves using a large slotted spoon and plunk them in ice cold water.  Drain.  To peel, hold the clove in one hand and pairing knife in the other; using your thumb and knife, cut the base of the clove and pull skin off towards you.