Hello everyone!

I have been busy working hard to complete my cookbook, Canning Full Circle, and wanted to share with you some of the fun projects I am working on to support my efforts to self-publish.

canning diva and green frog photo

The Canning Diva and Jeff Hage hard at work shooting Canning Full Circle cookbook

Canning Full Circle is in the design layout and editing stages which is very exciting to see my recipes and had work come to fruition.  My food photographer, Jeff Hage, with Green Frog Photo has done an amazing job capturing the essence of each recipe.

We have 3 options to choose from with regards to the cover – so I would love your assistance in helping us choose the perfect image to be the cover of my cookbook.  Feel free to click here to take a super-quick survey.

The other fun projects I am completing are incentives and rewards for those of you who assist in support of my Kickstarter.  Many of you have shared with me you cannot wait to purchase my book when it comes out – well my Kickstarter incentives will do one better for you!  Not only can you obtain a copy of Canning Full Circle by contributing to my Kickstarter, (possibly even a signed copy) you may also partake in a variety of offerings like rough cuts from our photo shoots, a handcrafted Mason jar mug, podcasts and even a mention in my cookbook!  See all of the fun things in store by contributing to my Kickstarter by clicking here. 

Here is a sneak preview of some of the fun shots from the cookbook: