Canning Gel (aka ClearJel®) is a modified cornstarch used by home-canners and bakers across the globe!  It is approved for home-canning because of its ability to handle high temperatures, its viscosity retention when reheating and its ability to work well with acidic ingredients often used in home-canning.  Cook-Type Canning Gel should be used when exposing ingredients to heat while cooking.

When canning, Cook-Type Canning Gel will not thicken until cooling ensuring not to interrupt the transfer of heat in each jar. Feel confident creating delicious home-canned pie fillings, soups, stews, relishes and more with this premium modified foodstarch!

Weight: 1.5 lbs / 680.4g Sealed 2 MIL Packages
Product of the USA   –   Non-GMO & Certified Gluten Free
Packaged with care by The Canning Diva® in heat-sealed 2 MIL polypropylene food-grade bags

How to use Canning Gel / ClearJel?

Canning Gel/ClearJel is derived from non-GMO corn making it naturally gluten-free. It is a very fine powdered cornstarch perfect for home canning as it can withstand highly acidic foods and extreme temperatures as well as reheating.  Bakers and canners use this amazing thickening agent to create thick, creamy pie fillings whether a fruit pie or Chicken Pot Pie Filling. Many will use this pH neutral thickener to create Low Sugar Berry Jam so you no longer need to rely on 7 to 8 cups of sugar to do the gelling of your jam. Other fun canning recipes include Tex Mex Corn Relish, soups, stews, gravies and so much more!

Traditional store-bought corn starch is not recommended for home canning; and if used, produces nasty, grey cement-like looking clumps in home canned goods. Pectin cannot withstand prolonged exposure to 212°F or higher when water bathing and pressure canning and as a result, breaks down causing jam and pie filling to be runny.

Replaced traditional cornstarch in  your home kitchen with Canning Gel and use it for everyday cooking, not just home canning.

Jelly Making: Liquid pectin is still your best solution when making jelly because the desire with jelly is to be a gorgeous translucent hue. Using Canning Gel/ClearJel is not recommended when creating translucent jellies because it will make the jelly cloudy in appearance.




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