What is a Diva



diva / di-va / ˈdēvə /

Noun: An incredibly talented woman who transforms something common into something divine.

A larger-than-life personality who spreads joy through her art.

A woman who, through her art, teaches others something about life.

A gifted woman who moves through life with style, flair and force!


The word “Diva” to me goes beyond talented musical artists and
spans across all areas of art.  I truly believe food is art and
Canning is my way of Preserving Art! 

Many famous musicians say the word “Diva” has lost its meaning
on today’s pop stars and is often used out of context.
I say, the word “Diva” has been expanded upon and
stretches into other genres like
Cooking, Canning and Preserving! 


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