IMG_8468 compressedI had the pleasure of speaking on a panel of amazing women hostess from The Survival Mom Radio Network early November.  We discussed easy holiday meals and gave suggestions for eating healthy during the holidays!

Some of the recipes I create during the holidays come straight from my pantry shelves which save me time and money, especially if I have been invited to dinner and am not preparing one myself.  One of my guest-pleasing favorites is an appetizer using Blonde Curry Apple Chutney atop Baked Brie cheese served with Pita Bites or artisan crackers.  I will even wedge a couple apples to serve alongside the cheese adding a touch of sweetness.  A healthy, inexpensive dish sure to please!

Another family favorite, whether I am heading out or having guests in, is baking a Traditional Apple Pie using home-canned apple pie filling from a quart-sized jar!  This same pie filling may also be warmed on the stove-top and served atop vanilla ice cream or enjoyed simply on its own accord.  Feel better knowing your dessert is made from fresh ingredients, free from preservatives and chemicals, and stored in a glass jar.

Tips on Eating Healthy during the Holidays

I am often asked how to eat “healthy” during the holidays and my answer is…I don’t!   Christmas is a holiday where we come together to give thanks and celebrate our Lord’s birth – and we always celebrate such a glorious event with food!  I know throughout the year to watch what I eat, be mindful of my snacking and portion size and to incorporate as many fresh, healthy foods into my diet as possible.  However, when December hits and we gather together for family, friends and fun, I make it a point to take an extra helping of delicious foods and desserts I would not otherwise indulge in during the months prior!

With that said, I still try to keep our snacking as healthy as possible being that our meals are traditionally more calorie-loaded this time of year.  Healthy snacking is paramount when so many high-calorie foods will grace the dining room table.  We snack on a variety of raw nuts, homemade beef jerky, fruit leathers, citrus fruits and enjoy a steamy cup of mint tea made from leaves dehydrated straight from my garden.  These healthy snacks are ways in which I feel a bit less “guilty” for going back to get a second helping of IMG_8507 compressedcranberries, garlic mashed potatoes and stuffing!!!

We also had a wonderful time talking about fun gift-giving ideas!  Homemade gifts are a fantastic way to give something from the heart this holiday season.  The radio episode give a variety of tips and recipes you may use this Christmas and New Year.  We wrapped up our segment by sharing with you our family favorite traditions from our household to yours.

Be sure to listen in and enjoy this idea-packed segment to help you enjoy the Christmas season so much more!  Have a blessed Christmas and wonderfully blessed New Year!

From My Family to Yours,

The Canning Diva