When I started The Canning Diva® I knew I wanted to write a cookbook…and I knew it wasn’t going to be overnight. It was four years of writing and testing recipes, almost two years of photography and over 8 months of design, layout and proofing.

But like anything worth having in this life, it takes time and perseverance. I am truly thankful for my amazing, local team of creatives who helped make this dream of mine a reality. Canning Full Circle is in print – a bonafide book with a picture for every recipe.

Let’s start with why I created Canning Full Circle cookbook…

After the book was all laid out properly and edits were made, it was now time to get my baby to the printer. The best choice I made was working with a local printer, Holland Litho.  I was able to be on-site for press checks so I could ensure the colors were on point. I was in awe watching the pressman change the entire hue with a touch of a button. And it was amazing to see the ink process on this sheet-fed adventure.

After printing it was then onto binding. I chose a lay-flat perfect binding which is best for the kitchen but unique enough of a process it had to be shipped to Madison Heights for completion. Allied Bindery was truly amazing. I’m not gonna lie…I shed many happy tears watching my bound cookbook travel down the conveyor belt.

See what I saw that awesome day as my book was correlated, bound and cut before packing. The process of making a book is simply amazing!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!  It truly has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  Be sure to pick up your copy of Canning Full Circle on my website, at Amazon.com or at local retailers in West Michigan (the list keeps growing).

In the area and want to visit me in person? Click here to learn about my upcoming book signings and add it to your calendar!