4th of July Apps and Sides

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I often get asked, “how do you use all the stuff you can?”  Well, it's easy!  Here is a fun example of what I intend to serve this 4th of July!

1.  Dilly Beans – I always put 2 pint jars in the refrigerator prior to any BBQ or outdoor activity.  When guests arrive, I give them an ice cold beer in one hand and set out a glass dish of dilly beans for the other.  This pickled treat tastes awesome on a hot summer day…but if you aren't a fan of beans, then you'll love the next one…

2.  Pickled Asparagus – Same concept as above, but with a touch of heat!  I always add a few tablespoons of crushed red pepper!  Zing! Zang!!!

3.  Strawberry Salsa – One of my favorite summer time appetizers is Strawberry Salsa over a Brick of Cream Cheese.  Eat this yummy dish with tortilla chips!
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4.  Blueberry Applesauce – A delicious and refreshing side dish!  If you're serving bratwursts or pork chops on the grill, then this side is sure to delight!  If you're traveling to a 4th of July BBQ, place your quart-sized jar in the refrigerator, then transport in a cooler.  The colder, the better!

5.  Jam?  Yes, Orange Marmalade – Nothing screams SUMMER more than ICE CREAM!  Dress up your vanilla ice cream with a dapple of canned Orange Marmalade.

6.  Raw Sauerkraut – Speaking of Bratwursts, compliment this all-time favorite with canned raw sauerkraut.  Empty your jar of kraut into a stainless steel colander, rinse well.  Heat in a skillet or crock pot.  Get creative by adding diced onions, garlic, and olive oil to give it a robust flavor.  Grab a bun, a Bratwurst, stack a pile of cooked sauerkraut on top and add a touch of mustard…and Viola!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

The Canning Diva~

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  1. GREAT ideas! Thanks. Are your recipes posted somewhere? Some of them sound like ones my aunt used to make. Just thinking about them makes me homesick for her! (sigh)

  2. Raw Sauerkraut is in my blog but I have not included the others as of yet. Many of my recipes are posted on my FaceBook Page called Canning and Preserving. I will continue to add more to this blog so stay tuned 🙂

    So happy to hear canning brings back such fond memories! I know the feeling.

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